Whether it was growing up watching The Princess Bride on loop (the best movie) or being cast as a caterpillar bump at the ripe old age of 7, I always knew that I wanted to be onstage. After doing a few community theatre productions as a pre-teen, I began to gravitate towards musical theatre, which I primarily trained in throughout high school. At Chapman University I have found an unparalleled theatrical community where I have been able to explore many different facets of theatre in addition to acting, such as writing and directing.

I believe that art helps us build empathy, strengthens communities, and emboldens people to use their voices to stand up for a better future. As an artist, and as a person, I always lead with compassion, determination, and authenticity. I love to work in a room full of people who engage in material with a critical eye and aren’t afraid to laugh! I believe that the ultimate creative space is one where artists work at the highest level of professionalism with the most open heart and mind.

In my spare time you can find me baking (yes, I have made bread during quarantine), listening to Broadway cast albums, and talking to my cat Buddy.

My acting debut!